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Code of Conduct

With the intention of SLM Corporation Public Company Limited to operate the business for stable and sustainable growth. It is based on ethics and morality along with being responsible for all stakeholders.

The Company realizes the importance of Code of Conduct which is a tool to enhance transparency in the operations. The Company therefore prepares this Code of Conduct manual as written to serve as a framework and practice in the work, and disseminate to all directors, executives, and employees to acknowledge the Company’s practice which is set out in this Code of Conduct in order to take an action seriously and make the Company’s operations fairly, honestly, transparent in accordance with international corporate governance principles. The Company has established guidelines on the following issues:

1. Customers Relations

“Clients” are the most important for us, The Company strives to satisfy our customers continuously and regularly by adhering to the principle that the Company must deliver good services and meet the quality standard agreed with the customers. Moreover, we strive to create advertising works to reach the target group and create content that responds to the lifestyle of Thai people creatively. We believe that providing quality service to customers on a continuous basis will bring the Company and the customers closer.

2. Relations with Partners and Creditors

The Company values its business partners and creditors as a contributor to the business operation of the Company to be successful and achieve the goals set. We consider that the Company, and business partners and creditors have a supportive and mutually beneficial relationship.

3. Responsibility for Shareholders

The Company strives to create stable and sustainable growth by operating the business with honesty, morality, and transparency; and create performance that can generate sustainable returns for shareholders in the long term by considering the rights and equality of the shareholders. As well as reports on the status and performance of the Company that are accurate and complete to all shareholders on a regular and timely basis.

4. Social and Environment Responsibility

The Company strives to conduct business with social and environmental responsibility, and comply with relevant environmental laws, regulations and standards.

5. Relations with Rivals

One of our business objectives is to enhance friendly competitive environment and encourage fair competition to support and keep good relationship among the advertising industry and making the industry grow and be even stronger.

6. Relations with Employees

The Company focuses on human resource development, realizing that employees are a valuable resource and important factor to the company’s success. All businesses concern with their human resources not exempt advertising business. Our business is depended on high competency of human resources which they would be willing to grow along with the Company, we therefore treat them equally, fairly and provide appropriate compensation by realizing the human rights, equality and not discrimination.

7. Employees Practices

In order strengthen the good work and efficient, and to promote happiness and good atmosphere at work.

8. Accepting and Giving Gift and Entertainment

Best practice in conducting business is to take any actions in the way of accuracy, transparency and not to cause any the Company’s reputation damaged. Accepting or Giving Gifts, Favors, and Entertainment here must be an objective to build a good relationship, and suitable for each agenda and legitimate. Employees should avoid doing anything in the way of over the top or more than normal relationship with anyone who is related to our business.

9. Conflict of Interest

All employees are expected not to take any actions in the manner that may cause conflict of interest or affect any decision. Performing our duty, we must concern the Company’s benefits which are under integrity and compliance with laws and ethics.

10. Corporate Information and Assets

To ensure that the use of the Company’s information and assets has been utilized with most benefit and efficiency and long service life, employees have duty and responsibility to cautiously use and prevent them or not to bring them for personal or others’ benefits. The information and assets are the most important in continuing our business, which mean to 1) Movable property (such as office equipment, tools, etc.), 2) Property 3) Technology 4) Academic Knowledge 5) Computer System Program and Software 6) Confidential Information of the Company 7) Right, Patent, Copyright, and Intellectual Property 8) Any resources of the Company.

11. Computer and Communication System

Electronic equipment and electronic data or information technology are the valuable assets of the Company. We have them for efficient performance of conducting business. We have to use them and follow IT policies. Moreover, we have duty to protect and keep them away from the violation and publishing without permission.

12. Securities Trading and Inside Information

Inside information that would affect the Company stock price or cause the Company to be damage or unfavorable is very confidential and important. Consequently, the preparation, maintenance or disclosure should be properly made by the consideration of the effect to all stakeholders and the laws. In addition, inside information is not to be used either for personal or other’s benefits.

13. Respect for Human Rights

The Company supports and respects human rights and gives importance to treating all employees with equality. Regardless of differences in physical, mental, race, nationality, origin, religion, gender, language, age, skin color, education, social status, culture, customs, disadvantaged people or any disability that is not related to the operation. Including not getting involved in the violation of human rights as well as not using illegal labor and activities that will affect human rights.


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