Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)

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        SLM Corporation Public Company Limited (“the Company”) realizes the importance of doing business by taking into account the principles of business operations under good corporate governance, considering stakeholders, the economy, society and the environment. The aim is to strengthen and lead to the sustainable growth of the Company, including the response to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) in accordance with the context and international standards. The Company is committed to achieving the Sustainable Development Goals as follows:

Goal 3 : Good Health and Well-being

The Company believes that the health, safety and well-being of its employees are essential to its operations and the implementation of various project. This will increase attention to work, including promoting employee satisfaction and efficiency.

Goal 5 : Gender Equality

The company supports and respects gender equality, and non-violation of human rights. The Company considers equality and equal freedom, does not violate fundamental rights, and does not discriminate against race, nationality, religion, language, skin color, gender, age, education, physical condition or social status.

Goal 8 : Decent Work and Economic Growth

The Company strictly complies with the requirements and regulations of labor laws, against all forms of illegal employment. Including giving importance and promoting a suitable working environment, non-discrimination, and equal opportunities at work and in the business value chain.

Goal 13 : Climate Action

The Company recognizes and focuses on climate change and its impacts, and supports the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions.

Goal 16 : Peace, Justice, and Strong Institutions

The Company gives importance to corporate governance with fairness, ethics and transparency in accordance with good corporate governance, and promotes human rights and anti-corruption.


Sustainable Development Overview

The Company operates its business with good corporate governance principles, and realizes the importance of good corporate governance. Taking into account stakeholders, the economy, society and the environment including conducting business with honesty, having a professional management system and transparency. The Company has continuously demonstrated such intentions through various online forms of the Company. By focusing on delivering quality content that is useful to society. It also gives importance to non-infringement of intellectual property, including fair and transparent business contracts. And the format of the program or activity presented must not infringe upon the rights of any other party.

In addition, the Company also gives importance to creating value for employees and personnel development by realizing that employees are valuable resources and is a key factor for success. Therefore, the Company has a policy to treat employees equally, fairly, providing appropriate compensation, respecting fundamental rights at Work, including conducting business honestly and fairly with business partners and stakeholders.


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