TV/Series Program

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The Company provides service as a full-service television drama production contractor. The Company has a policy to create and produce high quality products. Type of drama will depend on market conditions, screenplay, and consideration of the employer. There will be a contract to produce television dramas on a case-by-case basis. The Company must provide all materials, equipment, sets, costumes, locations, or other materials necessary for the filming or production of a TV series. Including the procurement of actors and personnel. Once the production is complete, it will be delivered to the station for further broadcasting.

Process of TV Dramas and Series Production


The production process for TV dramas and series begins with the production team sourcing scripts from various publishers or maybe make own plot. And we will bring various information to process and create into a plot. After that, making a short story to present the style of the drama to the TV station for consideration. After the TV station has approved the production of the drama. There will be an employment contract with the TV station, and schedule to deliver the completed tapes to the TV station to wait for the next broadcast. Then, the production department determines the plan and schedule of filming operations, contacting the shooting location, asking permission to use the locations, recruiting actors, including the recruitment of drama production teams such as script writer, director, producer, production coordinator, venue procurement team, clothing care department, language teacher wages, others, and other details to be completed before the schedule of shooting, and present to the customer for consideration the overview.


Filming for the drama will take place on schedule with all related teams working together. And there is a producer who controls the filming. The Company will focus on working by a team within the organization. Unless there is a filming that requires special techniques that the Company has to hire an external team. The filming of the drama will take approximately 7 months (working time may be more than scheduled. due to the impact of other factors). The filming operation will be filmed according to the predetermined queue. The selection of the filming queue depends mainly on the queue of the actors and staff.


After filming, the team will hand over the shots to the editing and motion departments in order to perform sequences, editing, as well as adding effects, adding illustrations, adding music, sounds, or other techniques. The producer will verify the correctness after editing and adding effects are complete, and must be approved by the executives or producers before sending to customers for approval before disseminating.